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Hathor Beeswax All Natural, Non-Toxic Candle Medium

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Our beeswax candles are 100% Pure Handmade infused with frankincese oil made with cotton wicks and the perfect gift or home decor. They are Non-Toxic Air Purifying and Biodegradable. Inspired by Ancient Egyptian ritualistic techniques related to the Holy Bee and that bees were created from the tears of the sun-god Ra himself. Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of honey and the energy it holds, and our beeswax candles bring the essence of the honey right to your home! Our Beeswax candles are also made by local female artisans and provide them with a stable source of income doing something they love. Support Om Abdallah and order yours now!

Use candle with caution and do not leave unattended. Trim cotton wick before use and after use to keep candle in best state.