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Bee'e wraps are natural alternative made of natural cotton, organic jojoba oil and natural mastic. so after it's long life, it will completely biodegrade back into natura avoiding the disposal of thousands of meter of plastic. 

Bee'e wraps keep your food fresher for longer because beeswax is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substance.

It also let your food breathe keeping it dry thus making it last even longer.


How can i use it?

Wrap anything (EXCEPT RAW MEAT)

Sandwiches, Food, Plates, Veggies, Cut lemons, Half Onions, Fresh Bread, Cheese, Leafy greens and leftovers.


Sticky hands??

Wet your hands before using the wrap and the wax wont stick to you hands. If you don't your hand might feel a bit sticky after use. This is bees wax and jojoba oil so its yummy things for your skin.


Wash with cold soapy water only, Don't scrub it, Hang it to dry.

Don't put in microwave or use it to wrap hot food.

Can be used in fridge and freezer. 


What will you receive:

3 Wraps (30 cm x 30 cm)

2 Wraps (40 cm x 40 cm)


The videos below explains how to use them.




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