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Alb Shower Filter Cartridge

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The Alb Shower Filter is the ultimate solution to improve the quality of your local shower water.

Against pollutants:
Reduces chlorine, fluorine, heavy metals and improves smell, taste and color of the water. It also reduces the inhalation if harmful chlorine and fluorine byproducts.

For healthy hair and skin:
Can reduce skin irritations and nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. Colored hair stays longer colorful.

The DERMA pearls add beneficial minerals to the water and PH-Fix pearls improve the ph-level of the water.

Easy change of cartridge:
Cartridge needs to be changed to very 3-6 month depending on usage and quality of the water

First stage: Filter fleeces. They remove coarse sediment like rust and pipe abrasions and micro substances.
Second stage: Coconut Activated Charcoal: Removes pharmaceutical chlorine and fluoride and improves smell, taste and color of the water..
Third stage: KDF Layer: Controls scale, bacterial and algae and reduces water-soluble heavy metals.
Fourth stage: Alb PH-FIX beads: Improve the PH-Level of the water and act as a natural disinfectant
Fifth stage: Derma Pearls: Mineralise hair and skin and have a soothing effect: They consist of 30 beneficial minerals including zinc, iron , magnesium, calcium and potassium.