"Ahwak fe Orbak" Tagine

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Oven Friendly Moroccan Tagine, designed to serve food (Hot or Cold).

The Tagine is hand crafted, hand painted and glazed to keep your food safe.

Diameter: 15 CM

أهواك في قربك وفي بعدك.... واشتاق لوصلك وارضى جفاك

وان غبت احافظ على عهدك.... وأفضل على ودي وياك

This product is unique and one of a kind.

Most of the Pieces are made in Single Piece, and can't be repeated.

These products are made by local artisans and it is EcoCart's responsibility to showcase these beautiful products to the light.

When you buy this product, you support a full industry of potters and supportive functions. All revived and sponsored to make more art and make better living.

This Tagine is specifically designed and crafted to handle food.

Oven Friendly and Dish Washer Friendly.

Can serve hot and cold food.

Keeps food hot for 45 Minutes.