Using tags to distinguish your products.

At EcoCart, We want to make your products stand out, allowing users to easily use smart filters to reach their target product faster and more convenient:

using tags at EcoCart allows the system to place your product at the right collection and with the right attributes:

you can easily use the tags function by listing them down in the following manner:

Attribute1_Option A, Attribute1_Option B.


For Example, if your product are distinguished by colors, use the following tags:



Always use comma to separate different tags.


if your products are distinguished  by size:





if your products are distinguished  by scent:


Scent_Bubble gum

 You can add as much attributes/ tags as you want to a single product (As long they are valid of course)

Some Examples for tags of each category:

For Handmade material:

  • Color
    • Color_red
    • Color_blue
  • Brand
    • Brand_Your brand
  • Material:
    • Material_Wood
    • Material_Marble
    • Material_Rope

For Natural skin care products:


  • Hair Products:
    • Ingredients_Shea butter
    • Ingredients_Honey
    • Ingredients_Flax seed
  • For Bath & Body products: (Skin care products)
    • Type
      • Type_Soap
      • Type_Lotion
      • Type_Lotion Bar
      • Type_Deodrant
      • Type_Lip palm
    • Ingredient:
      • Ingredient_Shea
      • Ingredient_Almond oil
      • Ingredient_Bees wax

 The below table lists the available products tags for each Collection: