Care Instructions

Instructions for cleaning off the shows:

Use a cleaning shoe brush to remove any loose dirt, mud or salt of the shoe’s leather surfaces. Pay also attention to scuffs and scrapes when cleaning to avoid damage. Brushing off dirt whenever you’ve worn them, will make it easier to buff and polish your leather shoes later on.


Dip a cloth or a soft shoe brush into water, mix it with a bit of soap and wipe the exterior surfaces of the leather shoe.

You can also use it to remove dirt between grooves. Be careful not get the leather too wet. It is better to repeat the process with less water and soap instead of using too much at once.

When dealing with tough stains or scuff marks, dab onto them. If they’re still not removed, start to gently rub the stain with a bit of pressure. 


Once all the stains are removed, clean away the soap with a dry cloth and wait for polishing until they’re dry enough to start polishing. This might take 20 minutes – an hour. In addition you can also put shoe stretchers into your leather shoes so their shape will easier be maintained. 

Use polish and rub them in with a shoe brush:

Use a clear or similar coloured polish and a clean, soft cloth to apply the polish in a circular motion across the entire shoe. This will protect the leather shoe from stains, nourish it and enhance the colour. But be careful around stitching that may be a different colour!

Tip: test the polish on forehand on an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not cause discoloration. 

Shine the shoes:

When you’re finished, let the polish soak for a couple of minutes. Afterwards, take a new clean soft cloth or a buffing brush to properly shine the shoe with short but steady swipes.

Let dry:

Let your shoes and boots dry in the open air. Be careful not to place them in the sun as this causes discoloration or cracks into the leather.

Spray in with protector spray:

When your leather shoes are clean and shining, spray them in with a good protector spray at a distance from 30 cm. This treatment will make your shoes soft, supple and waterproof. Make sure to repeat this at least four times a year.