Digital Marketing Manager

Job Purpose:  

As Digital Marketing Manager, you are in charge of planning, managing and evaluating our digital marketing budget, investment and return, optimization and development. 



  • Evaluate EcoCart Digital marketing strategies, develop existing channels and continuously introduce enhancements
  • Evaluate emerging technologies providing thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate
  • Optimise digital marketing spend by collaborating internally (Marketing Team) or with external agencies if required; ensuring quality and ROI is the driving force to decision making
  • Planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and advertising
  • Maintaining our social media presence across all digital channels
  • Design, build and maintain social media presence
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs)
  • Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights
  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience
  • Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points (Hotjar, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel etc)
  • Instrument conversion points and optimize user funnels.
  • Utilize available tools for marketing and reach (Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Google, SEO+)