About us

EcoCart is Egypt's first sustainable and eco friendly shop in Egypt. We offer our clients a unique shopping experience.


All products available on EcoCart are:

  • Resource saving products.
  • Recycled products.
  • Hand picked products and suppliers from truly natural ingredients.
  • Hand crafted products.


All these products and many others, EcoCart provides a unique place on the platform to offer, allowing these industries to grow and to maintain lesser environmental harm.

also on the products level, we will provide information on each product, and what impact it does on the environment, doing this assessment will allow you to understand your products better and be aware of the products environmental impact

 Big majority of these products are not manufactured by EcoCart, we rely on our local partners to provide the products you desire and we offer them the chance to present their products here.

 EcoCart will allow clients to review and rate all products on our page, giving our clients the chance to tell their story with our products, and help us improve the products and the services we offer to you.

 Our Goal is to:

  • Have positive impact on earth.
  • Help our customers get sustainable products.
  • Eliminate waste and provide minimal products packaging.
  • Reshape consumer product landscape.
  • Make natural and plastic free products available, affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone.