What makes a product eco-friendly?

What makes a product eco-friendly?

Putting a label aside, There are some principles that you should consider while purchasing a product that makes it eco-friendly.

  • The product you are purchasing is made of natural components.
  • The product you are purchasing is durable, with a long life time and can be used multiple times. Preferably not thrown away after a single use.
  • No pollutants are generated as a side product while creating this product. Or the waste produced is reused/ recycled. 
  • It is energy saving or made the facility producing it is energy efficient, or using energy from a renewable source.
  • Product is made from recycled or upcycled materials 
  • Product is reusable, or it’s waste is recyclable.
  • No hazardous materials are generated from the process or the product itself.
  • Produced locally 
  • Minimal packaging
  • Workers are fairly paid 
  • Fairtrade policy adapted.
  • Handmade
  • Organic product
  • The product has obvious environmental benefits. 
  • Ingredients or material are ethically sourced.

There are no products that meet all these requirements, and it doesn't make any sense to chase all of these aspects in one single product, although sometimes they exist, with products and initiatives solely addressing eco-friendliness and sustainability. 

As an end-user, you have to read carefully and decide wisely how your product is made until it reaches its new home.

when you think of solar energy, it is considerably of a great impact on the environment, it reduces greenhouse effects, produces green energy and promotes local workmanship and energy efficiency.

Yet on the other hand, the world is on the edge of a problem of photovoltaic modules waste, which is full of considerable hazardous materials that the world stands now having no clue where to bury or how to use them.

As a part of EcoCart’s message towards local producers and society, we source our products from creators who meet the above criteria, promoting creativity and singularity of each product.

Egypt is full of wonderful creative products out there that need light to be shed on, these products are produced in very small quantities, perhaps a single piece per product. 


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