5 tips for a sustainable semester on campus

  • Ditch single use masks:
    1. It is important to properly discard single use face masks in order to ensure they don’t end up in the sea. The goal is not to change the disposable mask as it is a crucial part of the medical safety protocols. 
    2. However it is always possible to purchase multi-use face masks and eliminate single use waste.
    3. There are a lot of approached to develop face masks that can be reused most of them are developed and sold in Egypt like Fine guard, Up-fuse face masks and many others.
  • Avoid Plastic Plastic cutlery:
    1. Campus food is awesome, always hot and generous when it comes to generating plastic waste.
    2. You can always bring and refill your lunch box to campus and ask the shop to put food in it.
    3. Another approach for lesser plastic use is to bring your own reusable cutlery to the campus, they are available in pocket size cutlery set.


  • Stop using single use plastic cups:
    1. The world population consumes nearly one million single-use plastic bottles in a minute, all these bottles ends up in landfills and eventually in the sea. Adding more and more micro plastics to marine life. 
    2. The global population buys 1 million single-use plastic bottles a minute. Many of these bottles end up in landfills, or as litter, adding to the growing hazard of microplastics in our waters. If you choose a reusable bottle, you can help reduce the 8 million tons of plastic waste that enters our oceans every year.


  • Cut your Printing habbits:
    1. Nearly 20% of whatever you are printing ends up as waste. This ratio increases at uni. at the times where everything is digital and everything is just one click away, you have to consider going digital before hitting ctrl + p ( or command + P).
    2. If it is a must to print, consider printing on two sides, this will cut the waste paper by exactly one fold.
  • Ride shares with your colleagues:
    1. Needless to say, sharing a ride saves resources, money and traffic congestions and you will also have the chance to catch up with friends, finish (or copy) your late assignments and share a good breakfast together on your way to campus.
    2. Ride shares are available on multiple options now like Careem, Uber and SWVL.

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