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زيت روزماري

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Type of ingredient: : 100% Organic Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil Main benefits: Stimulates hair growth, treats alopecia, fights hair loss, relieves pain, eases stress, lowers level of stress hormone, increases blood circulation when massaged in hands and feet, applying diluted Rosemary (add to carrier oil ) results in higher energy levels and less fatigue, reduces joint inflammation. Applying rosemary oil on your stomach aids in digestion and can relieve constipation, stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence (yes, I mean farts), and symptoms of dyspepsia and reducing headaches, clears the chest and nasal congestion, reduces cough, cold, and sore throat. Who should use it: In general, all skin types can benefit from using rosemary oil. How often can you use it?: Rosemary oil can be used daily, both AM and PM. Works well with: Rosemary oil works well with most ingredients but must be diluted with a carrier oil if applied to the face. (We offer several carrier oils such as sweet almond, sesame, coconut, and argan oil.)

light grey-purple printed box, color of oil is colorless to pale yellow
100 % Pure cold-pressed rosemary oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree. Rosemary was considered sacred by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Romans, and it was used for numerous purposes such as reducing joint inflammation, constipation, stomach cramps, nasal congestion, blood circulation, increased hair growth, reducing cough and colds and more!

How to use it? - Massage onto hair and leave for at least 20 minutes or over night and dont worry you can put on all your hair not roots only. To use on your face use it as serum at night by applying a few drops to clean face and skin and massaging. You can also use as a primer before your makeup or add a few drops to your foundation on cheek bone for a dewy look.

Weight:50 grams

Primary Benefits Supports healthy digestion when consumed* Internal use may help support healthy respiratory function* When taken internally, may help to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue*

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* أسعار الشحن أدناه ليست قابلة للتطبيق على الجداول والأعمال الخشبية الكبيرة.

Daly Tarek Abou Ghazala was inspired to launch Hathor when she wanted to find safe, all-natural products for her daughter's skin. When she learned about the health and beauty rituals in ancient Egypt, she was disappointed to find that modern production often destroys the helpful properties of the ingredients they once used. Many of today's "natural moisturizers" retain little if any of the ingredients that actually benefit the body.

After copious scientific research and study of ancient Egyptian traditions, Daly decided to launch a line of oils that not only supported beauty, but promoted healthy balance within the body. We use 100% natural ingredients so that you get all the micro- and macronutrients from our oils as if they were fresh off the vine, root, or tree.

Along with our eco-friendly packaging, you can enjoy a product that is as respectful to the environment as it is to your body.

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