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Argan oil skin care | Hathor | EcoCart Shop
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زيت آرجان

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100 % Organic Argania Spinosa Skeels Cold Pressed Oil. Main benefits - Argan oil is great for anti-ageing, hydrating, regenerating and moisturizing the skin and face. It protects skin from sun damage, treats acne, prevents and reduces stretch marks, improves wound healing and heals skin infections. It promotes hair growth and adds shine to hair while fixing split ends to damaged and colored hair. Who should use it - In general, all skin types can benefit from using Argan oil. How often can you use it? - Argan oil can be used daily, both AM and PM. Works well with - Argan oil works well with most ingredients.
Pastel Orange Printed box, color of oil is light golden yellow
100 % Pure Cold-pressed Argan Oil known as known as liquid gold and is beneficial for your hair, skin and face. We import our Argan seeds all the way from Morocco. We cold-press it to reserve its nutrients to maximize benefits for your hair and skin.
How to use it? - Massage onto hair and leave for at least 20 minutes or over night and dont worry you can put on all your hair not roots only. To use on your face use it as serum at night by applying a few drops to clean face and skin and massaging. You can also use as a primer before your makeup or add a few drops to your foundation on cheek bone for a dewy look.
Weight:50 grams

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Breaking down Ancient Egyptian beauty traditions for you, and equipping you with the right formulas for your hair and skin necessities. Encouraging simplicity and embracing Egyptian raw materials, Hathor allows you to spend less time worrying and more time on just "doing you". Hathor Organics has pledged to keep her ancient beauty rituals alive by modernizing them for the contemporary woman.

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