At EcoCart, We want to make your products stand out, allowing users to easily use smart filters to reach their target product faster and more convenient:

using tags at EcoCart allows the system to place your product at the right collection and with the right attributes:

you can easily use the tags function by listing them down in the following manner:

Attribute1_Option A, Attribute1_Option B.


For Example, if your product are distinguished by colors, use the following tags:



Always use comma to separate different tags.


if your products are distinguished  by size:





if your products are distinguished  by scent:


Scent_Bubble gum

 You can add as much attributes/ tags as you want to a single product (As long they are valid of course)

Some Examples for tags of each category:

For Handmade material:

  • Color
    • Color_red
    • Color_blue
  • Brand
    • Brand_Your brand
  • Material:
    • Material_Wood
    • Material_Marble
    • Material_Rope

For Natural skin care products:


  • Hair Products:
    • Ingredients_Shea butter
    • Ingredients_Honey
    • Ingredients_Flax seed
  • For Bath & Body products: (Skin care products)
    • Type
      • Type_Soap
      • Type_Lotion
      • Type_Lotion Bar
      • Type_Deodrant
      • Type_Lip palm
    • Ingredient:
      • Ingredient_Shea
      • Ingredient_Almond oil
      • Ingredient_Bees wax

 The below table lists the available products tags for each Collection: