LastSwab is the sanitary, reusable alternative to single-use swabs that can be cleaned using soap and warm water. 💦

The swab ends are TPE, the rod is plastic, and the case is PLA which is made of corn and is biodegradable. 🌱 When creating a product to last for thousands of uses, durability is key. LastSwab replaces thousands of single-use cotton swabs. Even if LastSwab does end up in the ocean, it’s damage is less than 0.1% of its single-use counterparts, simply because there will be much less of them. 🐋

Paper and cotton swabs impact the environment because they are single-use. The average person goes through hundreds of cotton swabs each year. These cotton swabs get produced, warehoused, shipped, purchased, used, and discarded. 🚛 During this process, the use of raw materials and the CO2 created are harmful to the environment. These processes become unnecessary when you commit to using reusable products like LastSwab, which you can use thousands of times.

LastSwab is tested to withhold up to 1000 uses. 💪

We do NOT recommend LastSwab or any cotton swab to clean a child's ear. 🙅🏻‍♀️

LastSwab is Latex free.

LastSwab Beauty

Our LastSwab beauty experts dip the ends in makeup remover to take off excess mascara on their eyelids. 💋

LastSwabs are easily cleaned with water and a little soap. The Beauty LastSwab can be cleaned with a little makeup remover.

LastSwabs are easily cleaned with water and a little soap. You can also use a disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to sanitize it.

A bamboo box would be lovely, but since this is a product that needs to be hygienic, we have chosen a biodegradable corn-based material that can be sterilized. 👍💫

We recommend always swabbing carefully. For tips on how to clean your ears safely.

LastObject packaging is made of plastic free cardboard and paper.

We would mainly advice to get it incinerated 🔥 for energy 💡.

Reuse the packaging yourself, or deliver it to a cardboard or paper recycling container.

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